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Custom Build Solenoids

 Solenoid Specialists, located in Melbourne, Victoria



ITC Products has been a leading manaufacturer of Solenoids for over four decades and continues to produce quality products to the industry from it's production plant in Melbourne's South East.


Together with an impressive line of Australian manufactured products, ITC Products has developed a long association with a number of world leading companies in the electrical field. ITC Products has key distributorship agreements with Crouzet, Mechetronics, Guardian Electric, Durakool for the Australian market.


The range of Solenoids that are manufactured by ITC Products are utilised in a variety of different applications, and there are many different types of solenoid designs available. Each of them has its own particular properties that make it useful in a specific application or in many specific applications.

The different designs of solenoids do not change their essential operating feature. Solenoids, though they are designed in many different ways, generally function on the same electrical principle, but their mechanical energy is distributed differently in different designs, allowing them to be used on a broader range of devices and designs.


Solenoids have many different applications. The primary type of application that they are used in, however, is one that takes advantage of the fact that the metallic slug in the middle of the solenoid can be driven forward or backward (push or pull) by the application of electric current.


Types of Solenoids manufactured by ITC Products

  • AC Laminated Solenoid
  • C-Frame Solenoid
  • D-Frame Solenoid
  • Holding Magnets
  • Linear Solenoid
  • Tubular Solenoid


Solenoids have the very unfamiliar quality of being able to provide extremely mission–critical functionalities in a device that is nothing close to what could be called costly, exceptionally reliable and that is capable of lasting for decades before it needs to be replaced with a new device.

ITC Products have the capability to meet any of your Solenoid requirements, contact us today on 03 9791 6595 to discuss your particular needs.











Some of our AC laminated solenoids