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Complete Range of Crouzet Electronic Equipment

ITC Products an Australian owned electrical manufacturer and importer for more than 40 years has taken on the complete range of Crouzet products to complement its existing range of Crouzet switches, timers and motors.

Crouzet's famous reputation for quality and excellence has been securely established throughout the international market for over 80 years. The extensive Crouzet product range includes automation control and safety components such as timers, counters, control relays, solid-state relays and logic controllers. This is in addition to the company's wide range of motors, limit and micro switches.

ITC Products' Managing Director Victor Lutz believes it will complement ITC's existing program in providing a broader range of products for their customers. "We have been dealing with Crouzet for close to 40 years, as a result our product knowledge and familiarity with their range is extremely high. The new Australian agency is in line with our strategic objectives and provides an excellent fit into our core business operations."

The long standing relationship between Crouzet and the Australian electrical industry will continue through ITC's dynamic and high trained sales staff and extensive distribution network.

"We believe the transition for Crouzet customers will be smooth. A high number of Crouzet customers are also existing ITC customers, this will make the ordering process significantly easier" Mr. Lutz said.

"ITC and Crouzet have had a long history of cooperation together and we both remain extremely positive and excited about our new partnership and ongoing success in the future."

Crouzet's new generation of Solid State Relays include direct copper bonded

technology, with less power to dissipate, this ensures extended life of up to 10

times versus previous generations and competitors.

10 to 125 Amp ratings

Zero voltage

or instantaneous


Single, Two & Three Phase

Control status LED

Low thermal resistance due to direct

copper bonded technology

EMC compliant ensuring reliable

operation in harsh conditions

Regulated AC & DC control input

Temperature rating


20 to +80


ITC products distribute the complete range of Crouzet C-Lynx Control Relays. The Crouzet range of control relays offer the user a high level of reliability whilst simplifying the installation and use of the products. The range spans over Current, Voltage and Phase Control Relays as well as Level Control Relays

Intelligent designs for simple and reliable operation
  • Settings are entered directly onto the control panel
  • Level, phase, current and single-phase voltage relays take up little space - Din format of 17.5 or 22.5mm for 3-phase currents
  • The Current, Voltage and Phase Control Relays are designed for monitoring and protection of networks, motors, lighting zones, machines and areas where the slightest production halt represents a sizeable cost
  • The Level Control Relays are ideal in water and food processing applications and in machines where tanks are filled with various liquids
The range of Crouzet C-Lynx Control Relays from ITC Products are designed to deliver excellence in functionality and reliability. These impressive systems provide the ideal solution to your Control Relay requirements.



Our Micro Motors range includes the complete range of Crouzet Motors. The wide range of speeds and voltages offered ensures the most suitable solution for your application.


Crouzet Motors:


Synchronous and asynchronous motors


1 sec to 24 hrs rotation


12, 24, 110 & 240VAC and 12, 24 & 48VDC


Stepper motors


Servo motors


DC geared motors 3 watts to 60 watts


Brushless motors


Optional Extras:


Extensions shafts


Y Shafts for free wheel drive


F Shaft for friction drive


Millenium 3 Logic Controller

Automation functions such as timing, counting, supervision, temperature control, backup, etc. are now even easier to manage.

Discover the third generation of logic controllers developed by Crouzet

Millenium 3 Logic Controller

Available in a compact version for simple automation systems, or an expandable version offering up to 50 I/O for enhanced performance, Millenium 3 is the ideal solution for numerous applications, including packaging, access control, vending, irrigation, pump management and heating and air conditioning system control.