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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Tilt Switches


ITC Products have been proudly manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Tilt Switches from their site in Melbourne's South East for over 40 years.

From our beginnings as Industrial Timers and Controls in 1973, we have grown and developed our manufactured line of products from our initial core work in electro-mechanical cam timers, solenoids, and switches. Today we provide a comprehensive range of products that serve various industries both nationally and internationally.

Tilt switches transfer a "change of state" to another device. These devices receive a signal from the Tilt Sensor for changes in motion and turn on or off. They do this by generating an artificial horizon and measuring angular tilt with respect to this horizon. Not all products open or close a switch. some, such as tilt switch alarms, trigger audible or visual responses to notify an operator that a system is out of alignment.

Tilt Switches are made of nonconductive tubes that have two electrical contacts and a material which acts as a conductor between the two electrical contacts.

ITC Products have the experience and know-how to meet any of your Tilt Switch requirements, contact us today on 03 9791 6595 to discuss your particular needs.


Tilt Switches